Our Philosophy

We respect the body’s inherent ability to heal, and we work to facilitate the natural healing process.

Our medical philosophy stems from our belief in God as our creator and benefactor. We believe that our loving, intelligent Creator, provided for EVERYTHING necessary for our health and happiness even before He created us.

We believe that health and the remedies for diseases have been available to everyone from Adam on down.

An intelligent, loving God would not have kept us waiting until the 21st century for answers to our health problems; neither would God have to depend on man’s technology to heal His people, therefore, there must be a natural cure for every illness.

We endeavor to find these natural remedies, and to get to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

We aim to learn more and more about natural remedies and, to use those whenever possible.

We limit the use of prescription drugs, surgical procedures, x-rays, etc. to those cases where a natural cure is not known to us or our consultants. We, however, do not hesitate to use the latest technology or prescriptions if this is the patient’s choice and/or the most effective way to treat. For example, if a person has bacterial meningitis, we would definitely recommend antibiotics instead of a natural remedy. We would, however, also replace the friendly bacteria and address the immune system in addition to prescribing the antibiotic.

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