Prospective Patients

Only if we believe we’re your best bet will we take on your case.

We choose our patients carefully, and screen them to make sure we have what it takes to help that particular person.

When you initially contact us to schedule an appointment, we will ask you to fill out and submit a New Patient Form.

The entire medical staff reads the information on this form and prays about you. Then, together during the daily chart rounds, we review the information and pray for guidance. If we agree that we are experienced enough and have had good results with cases like yours, and feel that we are very likely to be the best provider for you then (and only then) do we schedule first appointment.

Nevertheless, even after all the screening, we may find during the first or subsequent visit that there may be a better facility/doctor to handle your problem.  (For example, we may determine that surgery is needed instead of natural treatment.)

In such cases, we will not charge for the visit, and we will try to direct you to a more suitable health provider.

To contact us about scheduling an appointment at The Whole Health Center, please call 713.840.9355 or click here to contact us via email.