Advanced Protocols

The physicians at The Whole Health Center strive to keep abreast of the latest research and protocols that will benefit our patients.

We are well-versed in (and able to oversee your treatment using) the following protocols:

The Marshall Protocol
The Marshall Protocol is a treatment for diseases having a TH1 type immune response, according to Trevor Marshall, Ph.D. Patients having been diagnosed with one or more of a wide range of diseases have been successfully treated using this protocol. It works by enabling the immune system to destroy the intracellular bacteria that are thought to be the root cause of the illness.

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The Wilson Thyroid Protocol
Classically, Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is

  • a persistent but reversible slowing of the metabolism often brought on by the stress of illness, injury, or emotional trauma.
  • often worsened in stages with subsequent stress.
  • characterized by a low body temperature and classic low-thyroid-like symptoms.
  • often corrected with a special thyroid treatment even though thyroid blood tests are often in the normal range.

According to Dr. Wilson, “The purpose of the treatment is not so much to give patients’ thyroid glands a rest (although that does happen), as it is to clear RT3 (by clearing T4) out of the tissues so that their thyroid systems can get de-bogged, cleaned out, and reset. This appears to be what enables the patients’ thyroid systems to function well on their own again. Wilson’s T3 therapy does not need to be taken for life, rather usually only a few weeks or months.

Fortunately, if the T3 therapy is given properly, patients can often feel terrifically well even while their thyroid systems are on the way to recovery! The keys to the WT3 protocol are:

  • The right kind of T3 medicine
  • Given in the right way
  • To provide a normal and steady body temperature during treatment so the patients can feel better with minimal side effects, if any.”

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Lyme Disease Protocol
Lyme disease is controversial and misunderstood by the conservative medical community. For this reason most Lyme patients — and especially those with chronic, long-term symptoms — are left to self-diagnose and self-treat.

The physicians at The Whole Health Center are able to supervise advanced protocols for those that suffer from Lyme Disease.

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