Food Allergy Tests

Comprehensive Antibody Assessment

The Comprehensive Antibody Assessment is unique. It targets not only likely causes of immediate (IgE) allergic reactions, but also possible sources of delayed (IgG) reactions — the so-called “hidden allergies,” whose effects may not show up for hours or even days after exposure to an antigenic substance. Hidden allergies can trigger a wide range of symptoms in virtually every part of the body.

Using state-of-the-art ELISA technology, the Comprehensive Antibody Assessment identifies hypersensitivities to over 120 of the most commonly encountered types of food and environmental substances. Test results come with a personalized treatment plan for food allergy called True Relief: A medically advanced rotation diet guide. This innovative and flexible guide clearly explains the principles behind food allergies, rotation diet, elimination and reintroduction of foods, and allows patients to see at a glance what their problem foods and dietary choices are.

The Comprehensive Antibody Assessment is also valuable as a preventive measure for patients who are not currently experiencing the overt symptoms of an allergic reaction. It can reveal unsuspected food allergies which, if ignored, may place cumulative stress on the immune system over time — setting the stage for the development of more severe illness in the future.

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